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Watercolor Membership

A creative membership that will give you the resources, tools, and community support you need to excel on your watercolor journey!

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No-Fail Watercolor

Find joy and calm in the art of watercolor painting. Use this resource to feel confident and inspired no matter where you are on your watercolor journey. It's your escape from the blank paper with over 25 step-by-step projects to choose from.

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Want even more watercolor painting tips?

I couldn't fit everything I wanted to share with you inside the book, so I've created a no-charge No-Fail Watercolor Companion Guide you can use as you're working through each chapter in the book!

Sign up now and you'll get access to additional painting tutorials, watercolor resources, and a supply list showing you where to shop for items like your paper, paints, and brushes!

You can find the link to get access in the last chapter of the book
Online Mini-Course

Paint to Paper Watercolor Experience

Discover How Watercolors Actually Work, So You Can Finally Say Goodbye to Self-Doubt, Overwhelm, and Start Focusing on What Actually Moves the Needle!

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Online Course

Roadmap to Watercolor Painting

A self-paced course helping you learn foundational watercolor techniques that will give you more creative control, artistic confidence, and the momentum you need to make art a lasting creative hobby.

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Online Courses

Watercolor Retreat Classes

Ready to take your art to the next level? A self-paced class for watercolor artists wanting to learn more advanced painting techniques.

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Virtual Live Event

Virtual Watercolor Retreat

This is your chance to FINALLY say goodbye to procrastination, to watch your artistic skills improve, and get the gentle push you need to make your watercolor hobby a real habit so that you can add joy to your life and find your inner peace.

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From the Beginner's Guide to Watercolor Painting to How to Mix Your Watercolors like a PRO!

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