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Discover how watercolors actually work so you can finally put paint to paper and confidently create your first landscape masterpiece!

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Paint to Paper is for you if... 

 You consider yourself a well-watched but hardly practiced watercolor beginner who’s ready to put paint to paper and create something beautiful

 You have watched too many YT videos like movies and collected too many supplies that you now feel confused and overwhelmed 

 You feel bogged down because there is just so much information and so many techniques that you don't know where to begin

 You want to unlock your creativity and rediscover joy instead of continuing to be busy buying all the supplies, watching all the YouTube tutorials like movies, and comparing yourself (and your supplies) to others

 You’re a beginner watercolor artist who wants to finally get started with watercolor painting, sharpen your skills, gain better control of your watercolor supplies, and finally feel proud of the artwork you create

 You want to rekindle your passion for art (or your painting hobby) and kick-start a self-care routine involving creativity and fun

✔ You want to find inner peace so you cannot only be happy with the artwork you create (and proud to share your masterpiece with others), but also feel joy and contentment in everything that you do


If you nodded yes to any to any of the above, then the Paint to Paper Challenge is perfect for you!

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“This challenge is very inspiring and everyone in it is very supportive...”

Join over 10.000+ students that have gone through Paint to Paper 

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A note from your instructor...

Hey, I’m Mako!

Artist, teacher, and host of the Paint to Paper challenge. 

Not only am I passionate about watercolor painting, but I also love helping others add joy, peace, and excitement to their lives through a creative hobby. 

I know what it’s like to be a “beginner and growing” artist. 

To go through spurts of insane inspiration as well as days or even weeks when I wouldn’t pick up a brush. Tossing out more paintings than I kept. Feeling confused but unsure of where to go for answers. 

But one thing I didn’t do was let my disappointments get in the way of something I love...being creative.

It wasn’t until I started investing in myself, that I gained the skills and confidence that made me the artist I am today. 

So whether you’re brand new to watercolor painting or you’ve been dabbling in it for years, this challenge will help you establish some of the foundational watercolor techniques that will transform your artistic confidence and creativity!

Can't wait to see you inside the challenge!

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Join over 10.000+ students that have gone through Paint to Paper 

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