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Tap into the world of watercolor painting, gain confidence with your supplies, and spark your creative side in just 5 steps!

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Whether you’re new to watercolor painting or dusting off your brushes for the first time in a few years, Paint to Paper will help you:


 Stop watching all the YouTube videos like movies and finally start putting paint to paper 

 Get started with watercolor painting without all the guesswork, overwhelm, or frustration when your artwork doesn't turn out the way you want it to

 Uncover the hidden potential of your watercolor so your palette doesn’t turn into a muddy mess

 Tap into the creative areas of your life so you can find your own painting style and let your inner artist shine 

 Learn how to control your watercolor brush so you can put on paper what you visualize in your mind

 Gain a creative hobby that you’ll want to make time for 

✔ Find inner peace so you can be happy with the artwork you create (and proud to share your masterpiece with others)


And create your first masterpiece

that you can be proud of! 

During the Paint to Paper mini-course, you’ll learn watercolor basics and techniques that will transform the way you feel when painting and how you feel about yourself as an artist. (Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist right now.) And in the final step, you’ll put your skills to practice by creating your first masterpiece that you can be proud of. 

 “I can barely draw. Can I really do this?” 

Here’s the thing about watercolor painting: you don’t have to be born with some innate talent to produce beautiful artwork.

All you need is a basic understanding of watercolor techniques, a few minutes per day to practice, and the ability to enjoy the process (no matter the outcome). Which is exactly what you’ll learn inside Paint to Paper.

Here’s a look at what we’ll cover inside

Paint to Paper…

Step 1:

Your Paintbrush

The right brush makes all the difference when you’re painting with watercolor. And so does knowing how to use it. In the first step, you’ll learn:

  • What to look for when choosing the right brush for your watercolor project
  • Various painting techniques that will help you feel more comfortable with your paintbrush
  • How to discover the hidden power of your brush so you can set yourself up for creative success from the start  

Step 2:

Your Watercolors

You might think the more watercolors you have in your set, the better your art will be. But that’s simply not true! In the second step, you’ll learn:

  • How to use water to create different shades of the same color 
  • An easy way to create a rainbow of colors, even with a limited watercolor palette
  • Why it’s important to use high-quality paints (and how you can invest in them without breaking the bank)


Step 3:

Balancing Your Water

One of the biggest misconceptions about watercolor is that it’s hard to control. It’s actually quite easy to control; you just need the right balance of water. Step 3 will help you find that perfect balance by showing you:

  • The different stages of water application and how they affect your finished artwork
  • How to remove excess water from your paper without ruining everything
  • Techniques that will help you control the water on your brush and paper

Step 4:

Tracing Your Outline

It’s easy to give up on your creative hobbies when you don’t feel inspired. Or when you’re not really sure what you want to paint. 

But the thing about art is that it doesn’t always need to have a BIG purpose. Sometimes, just the act of putting paint to paper is enough to get your creative ideas flowing.

In step four, you’ll get rid of “painter’s block” by tracing the outline for your first painting. And no, this isn’t cheating. Tracing your image first will make the painting process so much more easy and fun!

Step 5:

Creating your first Masterpiece

Now that you’ve learned the watercolor basics, it’s time to put paint to paper. 

In the final step, I’ll show you step-by-step how to paint your first masterpiece!

You also gain access to…

Watercolor Supply List

Before you dive in, you’ll get a supply list that will help you prepare for Paint to Paper. 

This will include recommendations for the brushes, paper, and the paint colors you’ll need to create your first masterpiece. You can also use the supplies you currently have, if you prefer!

Tracing the Outline 

Tracing your outline first will always make the painting process easier. Especially if you’re just getting started with watercolor. 

For Paint to Paper, you’ll get a tracing outline to use for your first masterpiece. And in step 4, I’ll explain how to use it!


In-depth PDF resources for you to read, learn, and paint along 

Everyone learns differently. That's why I also included in-depth PDF guides covering the lessons in more detail!


Paint to Paper



Here's what's included:

✔ Unlimited access to the lessons in a private Kajabi portal

 In-depth PDF resources for you to read and learn 

✔ How to trace your outline

✔ Watercolor supply list 

✔ Step-by-step first masterpiece painting tutorial

Only $27 USD

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  3. And in the final step of this mini-course, you’ll put everything into practice and actually paint your first watercolor masterpiece!

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“Mako’s approach and techniques really appeal to me. She’s warm, welcoming, natural, nurturing, friendly, and fun...”

A note from your instructor...

Hey, I’m Mako!

 Artist, teacher, and host of the Paint to Paper. 

Not only am I passionate about watercolor painting, but I also love helping others add joy, peace, and excitement to their lives through a creative hobby. 

I know what it’s like to be a “beginner and growing” artist. 

To go through spurts of insane inspiration as well as days or even weeks when I wouldn’t pick up a brush. Tossing out more paintings than I kept. Feeling confused but unsure of where to go for answers. 

But one thing I didn’t do was let my disappointments get in the way of something I love...being creative.

It wasn’t until I started investing in myself, that I gained the skills and confidence that made me the artist I am today. 

So whether you’re brand new to watercolor painting or you’ve been dabbling in it for years, this course will help you establish foundational watercolor techniques that will transform your artistic confidence and creativity!

Can't wait to see you inside the course!

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Paint to Paper is for you if... 

✔ You consider yourself a well-watched but hardly practiced watercolor beginner who’s ready to put paint to paper and create something beautiful

✔ You have watched too many YT videos like movies and now you feel overwhelmed 

✔ You feel bogged down because there is just so much information and so many techniques that you don't know where to begin

✔ You’re a beginner watercolor artist who wants to sharpen your skills, gain better control of your watercolor supplies, and finally feel proud of the artwork you create

✔ You want to rekindle your passion for art (or your painting hobby) and kick-start a self-care routine involving creativity and fun

“The brush is beginning to feel like an extension of myself…”

Join over 10.000+ students that have gone through Paint to Paper 

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